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Transport yourself to a tropical island with our  Equilibrium Hydra Boost - Pina Colada flavour. Pineapple and Coconut flavours that sing cocktail but without the added calories or next day slugishness!


Level up your endurance and recovery during exercise and just in everyday life. Our product is super simple to use and is  a great low sugar alternative to support your daily activities.


Live your best busy life with EQ Hydraboost. 







SKU: 001
Price Options
One-time purchase
Pina Colada 4 weekly
1 x Pina Colada every 4 weeks
$42.46every 4 weeks until canceled
Fix option 2
Pina Colada- 8 weekly
$42.46every 8 weeks until canceled
The MIX Fix 4 weekly
Alternating flavour every 4 weeks
$42.46every 4 weeks until canceled
  •  Add one scoop to 300-400ml cold water (ice adds that extra bit of chill) and mix well. You can add more of less water to get the taste just right for you

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