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Common Facts and Questions

Why electrolytes?

We developed this lifestyle product to level up your hydration status. In this day, people are busier than ever, taking less and less time for themselves (due to work, family or other responsibilities). So, self-care is more important than ever too.  Hydra boost is designed to be used at any time to boost your H20 with goodness in the most delicious of flavors.

Why pick Equilibrium Hydra Boost?

Equilibrium was created by both a Personal trainer and a Nutritionist (the perfect team combination). We felt like there was a real gap in availability and access to lifestyle hydration products for the everyday active person - who could use a product like this in a multitude of ways in everyday life. 

We have developed a premium product that has been tasted and modified countless times to ensure it is just right for you! Down to the colour, quality of ingredients and natural flavours used. The flavours we have put our heart and soul into and we believe it's the best tasting electrolyte on the market.

Our levels of electrolytes and amino acids are set at moderate levels to give you just that extra top up of nutrients. This means it can be used as an everyday product (and not just for exercise).

How do I use Equilibrium Hydra Boost?

Add a scoop into around 300-400ml cold water (with ice makes it extra epic) – give it a shake or mix and you are good to go

What do they do in my body?

Electrolytes are an electrically charged salt or mineral. Because of the electrical charge they activate and regulate many bodily functions – specifically to do with muscle contraction and fluid balance extracellularly (outside the cells) and intracellularly (inside the cells)

We can lose some of these special components of the body in many ways – through being unwell (vomiting and diarrhoea), sweating due to exercise or being in a hot environment , and even breathing.

Having an electrolyte imbalance can affect how our bodies function so consuming a variety of foods (and a diet high in fruits and vegetables) and keeping hydrated we can replenish and maintain our electrolyte balance with the body. Hydra Boost can help you keep hydrated!

As a whole - our product supports healthy ...

  •  energy levels 

  •  hydration

  • performance in your workout

  • exercise endurance

  • muscle strength and fuel

  • exercise recovery

  • mineral electrolyte levels 


What key ingredients are in your products and what specifically is their function in the body?

SODIUM Chloride (salt)- The minerals that help our body to regulate the balance extracellular (outside the cells and within your body) of water and minerals in the body.

POTASSIUM- maintains normal intracellular (within the cells) fluid levels- in the body. Also helps with muscle contraction and blood pressure regulation.
MAGNESIUM- Supports healthy nerve and muscle function- therefore energy production

CALCIUM- The most important part of the skeleton, vital to normal function of neuromuscular, endocrine (hormonal) and muscular systems. 


L Citrulline and   L Glutamine-   Both non-essential amino acids in the body that are found in many common foods. May have beneficial effects on health and exercise performance by promoting protein synthesis in the body and reducing amino acid breakdown (or degradation)

Glycerol- Aids hydration and thermoregulation

 Vitamin C- assists in protein formation in skin, hair, ligaments and tendons among other functions


Why might I want to use Hydra Boost?

Our product is a lifestyle product and created by us to be used in limitless number of ways.

  • Pre or post a big night out

  • As part of a KETO or low carb diet

  • As a sugary drink replacement for diabetics

  • Before/during or after exercise

  • To help incorporate more fluid intake into your busy life

  • As a low sugar alternative to a sugary drink

  • Before, during or after a big day at work, on the boat or out and about

  • Help to restore electrolyte levels and hydration after illness (after GP consultation)

 Is Hydra Boost keto friendly?

 Yes, they certainly are.  Our Pina Colada has approx. 0.9g sugar (and 1.5g carbohydrates) per serve (that is 12g scoop in 300-400 ml water) and our Apple Sours has 0g of sugar and 0.9g of carbohydrates per serve

Are your products Vegetarian/ Gluten or Dairy Free? 

Our allergen statement labelling states that our products are made in a factory that manufactures wheat, dairy, egg, tree nuts (almonds), sesame and fish products.

While we do not add meat, dairy or gluten to our products, even though our manufacturers factory standards are extremely high, they cannot guarantee there wouldn’t be potential cross contamination without extensive batch testing. 

How many Kilojoules/ calories per serve?

Apple Sours 25kJ per serve (6 calories)

Pina Colada 34kJ per serve (8 calories)


What are the recommended serves per day?

1-2 serves per day (a serve is one scoop in 300-400ml water)

Why does the Pina Colada have slightly higher sugar content?

Because it contains a small amount of coconut water powder which contains some sugar. The Pina Colada flavour only has 0.9 g of sugar per serve which is around 1/5th of a teaspoon.

What other recipes could I make with your products?

Keep an eye out after launch for our ideas for how to use our products in other ways

What precautions are there?

Seek consultation from your GP if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, under the age of 10 or unwell and wondering if this product is suitable for you.


Where are they made?

Our manufacturing partner is based in Albany, Auckland, New Zealand.

Do you use natural colours and flavours?

The colours and flavours that we have used are natural, however some of the other ingredients are not (i.e., sucralose)

What is your refund policy?

To view our refund policy, click here


Do you offer “Afterpay”?

Not at this stage, however if there is a demand, we will look to provide it. Please let us know if you would like an invoice and we can split your payment in 2 payments if required. You wouldn't receive your order until it is paid in full.

Shipping Information

We have a standard shipping and handling rate of $8.50 rural and non-rural. Any orders over $85 and your shipping is free.

You can collect from our Papamoa East address at no cost- just select that option at checkout.

How long will it last?

Use our Hydra Boost for up to 4 months after opening.

Unopened, the pottle will last 2 years.

There is a moisture sachet inside to help absorb any ambient moisture, however if the lid is left off for some time, your product may clump. It is still able to be used if this happens and will not effect the taste.

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