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Team Equilibrium Intro - Our NZ made super product

Hi everyone, we thought it was time to show you the faces behind the brand.

We are a team of two (plus two husbands, five children and 2 big dogs between us ) Mandy is an ex school teacher, current personal trainer, Charlotte is a Nutritionist, ex owner of Wholesome you and current co-owner of @neonhubnz. We have been friends for nearly 8 years.

Together we make a great team!

Equilibrium Nutrition was born as we felt there weren't any nutrition enhancement products (supplements) out there for anyone and everyone, not to mention NZ made and low sugar.

We know that supplement stores can be overwhelming at times, we wanted our product to be easy to get your hands on via our website or at the local shops (watch this space)! 

We had a vision for a drink that you can have at any time of the day that supports hydration and tastes amazing!

We’re so happy you are coming along on this journey with us.

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